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What is Power yoga ? :

(Note that Catherine teaches many kinds of yoga but her open classes in Beirut are "Power Yoga" )

Power yoga is a a vigorous, fitness-based vinyasa style yoga (Vinyasa is a series of postures linked together in a flow). 
Most power yoga is closely modeled on the "Ashtanga" style of practice. 
But unlike Ashtanga, power yoga does not follow a set series of poses. Therefore, any power yoga class can vary widely from the next .
Power yoga (like Ashtanga), empowers once body emphasizing both its strength and flexibility, while working on once's focus and balance. The advent of power yoga heralded yoga's current popularity, as people began to see yoga as a way to work out. It is indeed a challenging practice, That's the reason why The Teacher must be made aware of any pre-existent physical injuries .
However This doesn't mean that power yoga ignores the spiritual and energetical part: 
As like Ashtanga the postures are designed in a way to calm the mind and to set once's awareness in a certain place getting a person closer to the essence of his being.
On an subtle/energetical level Asanas purifies the chakras and opens up the Nadhis ( read more about those on the Yoga panel of this website).


Arms balancing and Inversions

As a beginner-to-intermediate yogi, it's easy to get discouraged when it comes to the balancing postures and inversions .
The mere mention of arm balances, brings up anxiety if students fear they don't have enough arms strength to support the body or too much weight to carry themselves up. 
The result will obviously be a collapse or fall out of the pose.
But guess what ? the weight of the body has nothing to do with arms balancing or inversions !
(unless major weight problems ) the only things one should develop and strengthen are the arms and the abs .
The arms mainly through surya Namaskar.
The abs through postures like Navasana (Boat) Along with a proper use of the Bandhas (Mulabandha and udyalabandha) .
The breath should be calm and long (Ujaii), the mind clear, focused and TRUST FULL. 
And here you are ! Upside down or balancing on your arms ! Awesome feeling ..trust me..
A fall out might happen, but that's not that bad ! be playful with it rather then dubious !


Letter to the Students 

FreedOM ... All the way

Dear students,

Keep a smile on your face whatever your situation is, for life is generous, if it takes something off your way know that something greater awaits you, its a matter of trust and attitude in witch your happiness is determined .
With a little effort your everyday life becomes a fairy tale that YOU only can refine and trace day after day, adding colors and melodies that makes your universe a blooming perfection.
Embrace whatever occurs in your life, whether positive or negative as its only a preparation for something better.

Practice at least every other day, and for god sake stick to it !! And trust me you will be amazed with the amount of

energy that will arise within you .
Channel it in the right direction.. and here you are! a magician that creates beauty, an alchemist that turns everything into gold.

Trust your selves, trust life and find in this attitude a sense of release and freedOM...

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Yogic meditations :

Close your eyes and imagine cleansing spring water pouring into you through the crown of your head, deep into your being and then out through your feet. The water brings positive ions charged with the spirit of "can" .That replace all the negative " can't" ions. By the end of the meditation, you feel refreshed and primed for positive action.

NEW ! . This meditation helps to release the anxiety that results when we are uncertain of
the direction of our lives:
Close your eyes and Imagine a rowing down river: You try to maintain a straight course but find yourself struggling against strong cross-currents.
realizing that it is impossible to adjust the boat , you allow it to drift.
Amazingly the boat does not hit anything , but is carried along by the current leaving you free to enjoy the experience.
Transfer this attitude into your daily life, for some things are beyond our control, and doing so will bring you a greater sense of peace.


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