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Runners can benefit greatly from yoga's effects on strength, flexibility and balance. Many of the problems runners face, including sore knees, tight hamstrings and lower back pain, can be resolved by practicing yoga asana
On a long run running can create tightness in the muscles , shortening them , and pressure on the joints and ligaments.
"Yoga can be of immense benefit for runners seeking a cross training method. Yoga helps loosen and lengthen all the muscles of the body, to reverse the muscle tightness caused by running, and to make your body more flexible and stable. Yoga helps align the muscles and bones, so that your body functions more efficiently, you experience less stiffness and you're at a lower risk for injury. Yoga's focus on alignment can help correct the postural and gait problems that often lead to knee, hip and back pain.

Yoga also offers a full body workout that can greatly increase your overall strength and stamina. Yoga's emphasis on controlled breath helps to strengthen the respiratory system. Yoga also teaches an awareness of breath and body that can relieve the tension of competitive running and make runners more aware of possible injuries. Yoga works the muscles of the whole body, and many runners have found that a regular yoga practice can take the place of other forms of cross training" (Fitness mag" )

Yoga and running are very similar in a way :

Both helps the practitioner to focus on the present moment and Both focus on the breath awareness. But Yoga complements running because it stretches and strengthen the body in a way that relieves the pain of muscle tension caused by long runs and daily stress.

Performing a few deep yoga stretches before and after runs can be a great way to loosen your body before while preventing the risk iof njuring your cold muscles.
And Stretching after a run keeps your muscles long and loose and can prevent the soreness caused by a buildup of lactic acid.


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FreedOM ... All the way
Dear students,

Keep a smile on your face whatever your situation is, for life is generous, if it takes something off your way know that something greater awaits you, its a

matter of trust and attitude in witch your happiness is determined .
With a little effort your everyday life becomes a fairy tale that YOU only can refine and trace day after day, adding colors and melodies that makes your universe a blooming perfection.
Embrace whatever occurs in your life, whether positive or negative as its only a preparation for something better.

Practice at least every other day, and for god sake stick to it !! And trust me you will be amazed with the amount of energy that will arise within you .
Channel it in the right direction.. and here you are! a magician that creates beauty, an alchemist that turns everything into gold.

Trust your selves, trust life and find in this attitude a sense of release and freedOM...


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A world of no boundaries by Nada M.
Love is an opening into a world of no boundaries, into a world that ends nowhere. Love begins but ends never; it has a beginning but no end.

Remember one thing: ordinarily the mind interferes and does not allow love its infinity and its space. If you really love a person, you give him infinite space. Your very being is just a space for him to grow in, to grow with. The mind interferes and tries to possess the person, then love is destroyed. The mind is very greedy—the mind is greed. The mind is very poisonous. So if one wants to move into the world of love, one has to drop the mind. One has to live without the interference of the mind. The mind is good in its own place. It is needed in the market; it is not needed in love. It is needed when you are preparing a budget, but it is not needed when you are moving into inner space. It is needed when there is mathematics; it is not needed when there is meditation. So the mind has utility, but the utility is for the outside world. For the inner, it is simply irrelevant. So become more and more loving… unconditionally loving. Become love. Become an opening—just be loving.

Birds and trees, earth and stars, men and women—everybody understands it. Black and white, there is only one language that is the language of the universe—that language is love. So become that language. And once you become love, a totally new world will open for you with no boundaries.

Always remember that the mind is the cause of helping people to become closed. The mind is very afraid of opening because the mind exists basically out of fear. The more fearless a person is, the less mind he uses. The more fearful a person, the more he uses the mind.

You may have observed that when you are afraid, when there is anxiety, when there is something that troubles you, the mind comes into focus very much. When you are anxious, the mind is there too much.

When everything is going well and there is no fear, the mind lags behind. When things go wrong, the mind simply jumps ahead of you, it becomes the leader. In times of danger it becomes the leader.

Meditation is nothing but creating a situation where the mind has less and less thing to do. You are so unafraid, you are so loving, you are so peaceful—you are so contented with whatsoever is happening that the mind has nothing to say. Then the mind by and by lags behind, lags behind, and more and more distance is created.

One day the mind completely recedes—then you become a universe. Then you are no more confined by anything—you are pure space. That’s what God is. God is pure space.

Love is the way toward pure space. Love is the means and God is the end.

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